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Measurable and Obtainable Strategies to Achieve Success

There are six key strategies involved in Attraction Marketing, which although independent of each other in scope and tactics, all work together toward the same objective – to drive a company's attractiveness to potential clients. Each of the individual strategies should be assigned a "champion" who focuses on their initiative's goals, and consistently reports on their progress to the entire team.

While Attraction Marketing revolves around incorporating a series of measurable tactics, it is still a fluid concept that must be addressed on an individual basis. Every company is different. Each situation is unique. Therefore, not every business may want or need to initiate all of the strategies outlined here. To learn more about how you can customize a program that is right for your business,


Each Attraction Marketing strategy has its own unique set of tactics … yet they all work together toward making a difference in how your organization is perceived.


Key Strategies To Help Make Your Company More Attractive

Making a great first impression in today's economy is more important than ever. With the majority of people researching a company or product via the Internet prior to even "putting them on their list", maintaining a strong web presence and keeping your website content relevant for your prospects is essential. "All dressed up" deals with specific ways to create the right impression and experiences for the ever-changing Web 2.0 environment.

Getting your business out there to be seen by prospects may seem obvious – but it is no longer enough to simply "show up." You must work to maximize the results of your participation in community, group, association and industry events. By setting goals and adding preplanning to every show and event, you can improve your results significantly. And when you learn how to "show up in style," you can make tradeshows work for you again.

Showing your company's thinking through feature articles, public relations and public speaking can increase your position as a thought leader in your industry. Discover key tactics to "be impressive" such as how you can take advantage of the need for web content by utilizing online P.R. tools, how to frame the conversation in the community you serve, and how public speaking can turn you into a go-to expert.

Joining the conversation going on in today's evolving social world is a smart way to increase brand awareness, build relationships and stay connected. By "becoming a socialite" and adding Social Marketing to your mix, it gives customers and prospects the opportunity to share ideas and interact – with each other, and with you. Plus, it can add personality to an otherwise dry sales cycle. The key is to fully understand the social marketing tools available, and create a plan that's right for you.

Maintaining the relationships that you have available to you is just as critical in business as it is in your personal life. Capitalizing on your database and creating a connection through lead-nurturing email & direct mail programs can help keep prospects in touch with your thinking beyond your salespeople's reach. Additionally, utilizing various outbound communications as touch-points throughout the sales cycle can help you remain on their list and "stay top of mind" for when your prospects are ready to act.

Giving back with selective pro bono work and volunteering within your industry is not only a positive step, but also expected of many companies today. By expanding your involvement and leveraging pro bono work to its maximum potential, you not only offer your team meaningful work, but also work to improve your culture and build deep relationships with industry leaders. We can show you how to "lend a hand" in ways that produce the most effective results for you.