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Relevant, Engaging Content to Ignite Your Organization

Dan and his team are powerful, engaging and knowledgeable speakers committed to helping you achieve your goals. Our sessions will motivate and excite your team, encourage interaction, help align your people and move groups forward. Whether presenting an overview of the Attraction Marketing concepts, or drilling down to more in-depth strategies, we bring fresh new ideas, innovative thinking and a unique perspective to the discussion.

Topics offered:

Attraction Marketing: How to Make Your Products, Brand & Services More Attractive to Prospects – an in-depth look at the concept of Attraction Marketing, its individual strategies and tactics, and how to get started driving an initiative in your own organization.

The Marketing March: How to Effectively Manage Your Program and Drive Your Strategies Forward – learn more about the process of tracking and managing your Attraction Marketing program, including how to set "Make or Break" objectives, how to create future indicators and metrics to measure and track results, as well as how to adjust initiatives based on progress and goals.

The New Internet Universe: How Social Media Impacts Your Search Engine Marketing and Your Overall Website Performance to Generate Leads – gain insight on how to navigate through the constantly evolving online landscape and determine the right strategies for your brand, as well as how you can use social media and SEO/SEM to your advantage to build your brand online.

Combination Sessions

We offer a variety of formats to fit your needs

Each of these topics can be conducted in a variety of formats, based on your needs, time frame, and goals. Sessions can be completed individually or combined into a comprehensive educational program for your organization.

• Two-hour to full-day presentations with interactive question & answer sessions

• "Lunch & Learn Seminars" or other on-site learning sessions

• Webinars

• Keynote speaking for specific industry, business, corporate or association events

• Educational training sessions for executives or teams – one-on-one or for groups of all sizes

• Customized formats based on individual situation; contact us now to learn more

We specialize in customizing content for a variety of industries, including:

– Senior Living Services

– Retail

– Hotels & Resorts

– Food & Grocery

– Travel & Tourism

– Heathcare / Medical

– Real Estate / Homebuilding

– B-to-B

Call us to schedule a speaking event today. Your personalized program will provide key take-aways that focus on what matters to you most – improving performance and driving revenue – while giving you the guidance and tools you need to begin implementing your own Attraction Marketing program right away. And attendees will leave inspired and empowered to help drive your company's mission along to success.

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