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Your presentation was excellent, with many favorable comments for the delegates. Your vibrant spirit and knowledge of the industry made for a great program.
Brian R. Jordan, President
Illinois Food Retailers Association


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Along with being innovators and experts at Attraction Marketing, our skilled and knowledgeable speakers can offer your business ongoing education and training in many other areas of marketing and advertising. Our team of experts can assist your company, teams or individuals by speaking on an array of topics and in-depth strategy development. To learn more, contact us now.

Nicole Wagner

Internet Marketing Director, Stevens & Tate Marketing:

Nicole Wagner is an online marketing and Web 2.0 expert – well versed in all things interactive and digital. With over a decade of key industry knowledge and experience, she has been instrumental in raising awareness of new and innovative Web technologies and innovative electronic marketing techniques.

Nicole specializes in creating highly effective Internet solutions for clients spanning retail, food & grocery, homebuilding & real estate, hotels & resorts, travel & tourism, senior living, healthcare, non-profits and B-to-B industries.

As a speaker, she brings her passion, energy and insight to develop engaging presentations, seminars and Webinars on topics including:

• search engine marketing / SEO

• web development

• social media and social marketing

• strategic planning

• mobile marketing

• and more

• Internet marketing