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Effectively Drive Your Strategies Forward

A key to a successful business program is maintaining focus on each actionable strategy and working toward measurable results. Creating certain future indicators for each initiative, and developing a marketing matrix in which you can track and adjust as you go along, is essential. But how can you make this happen?

“The Marketing March” is a unique and focused process for managing your individual strategies and their champions, so that you – as a leader – can successfully drive an Attraction Marketing effort within your organization. By learning this process you will be able to stay in complete control of the evolution and direction of your version of Attraction Marketing, while spending minimal time. This involves understanding how to assess and evaluate the weekly activity of each initiative, as well as how to use data to guide you in your decision making for each tactic moving forward.

By incorporating The Marketing March into your personal Attraction Marketing program, you can steadily move your business forward, while your perfect vital leadership skills such as coaching, mentoring, delegating responsibility, taking ownership, and empowering your team.


Like any successful business initiative, your Attraction Marketing program needs to be adjusted over time. It’s about steady improvement; staying current; and staying engaged.


The strategies outlined in Attraction Marketing are numerous and interdependent. Keeping each strategy moving forward is critical. Getting things all moving in the same direction can be a difficult task, and making decisions on where to focus resources and where to cut is the key to success.

With Your Attraction Marketing Program, You'll Also Learn:

Why leadership involvement is critical – To be successful, Attraction Marketing must have the leader’s attention from day one, and the CEO must agree that marketing is important. Learn how to successfully delegate the strategies, inspire others to take ownership, make decisions and still maintain control – with little time investment.

How to decide who spearheads your strategies – Each individual strategy should be assigned a champion who drives that initiative. Bringing together various talents, job types, backgrounds and experience levels works best. Ideally, the marketing team should span multiple departments, across multiple disciplines, to help ensure that everyone is on the same page from day one.

How reporting is done and decisions are made – Discover the importance of setting measurable goals, with key future indicators that each champion can track and report on to move them closer to their goal. Taking ownership of individual strategies is essential.

Why group meetings / huddles are essential to driving success – Public reporting allows everyone to know what everyone else is working on, in real time. It creates friendly competition and increases each champion's desire to succeed. As a result, the team quickly begins to understand the interdependence of their activities – and things move in a unified direction.

The leader’s role – The leader must learn to review what is presented, hold people accountable to their goals, act as the decision maker on increasing and decreasing time and energy on tactics, as well as be a coach and mentor to your team. You’ll discover how you can invest less than 15% of your own time to drive a critical part of your business.

The importance of your Make or Break – Setting your objectives, and working toward achieving your vision, is an essential part of any business program. Understanding how to assess and adjust as you go along – to determine what is working and what is not – and then channel your energy into what will help you further reach your goals.

And more!

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