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Dan captured the attention of our members by targeting their concerns. Attendees said they could use the take-aways to improve their performance.

Tim Walter, Executive Director
Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada


Meet the Innovator Behind Attraction Marketing

Dan Gartlan

Dan Gartlan, developer of the Attraction Marketing program, is an experienced and knowledgeable marketing expert who has spent over 20 years helping companies of all sizes and scopes drive their business objectives with strategic marketing initiatives that deliver results. As President & Co-Founder of Stevens & Tate Marketing, Dan has worked with hundreds of clients within various industries nationwide – developing business-to-business and consumer marketing programs for everything from small non-profits to large International corporations and Fortune 500 Companies.

His extensive and diverse background spans education, management, studio art and advertising design, giving him the unique ability to see things from both sides of the marketing/messaging perspective: the in-depth thinking that goes into making a successful strategy, and the creativity that is needed to bring it to life.

It is through this real-world experience across all sides of the business that leads to Dan’s key insight and vision to anticipate what’s next. He recognizes and responds to today’s changing marketplace, and can show you how to shift your strategies to better meet these demands. And as a business owner himself, he is able to understand the trials and tribulations of other business owners – and really focus on the bottom line. It is his belief that marketing requires leadership from the top level, yet can be enhanced by the assistance at all levels. And it is with this thinking that the Attraction Marketing program is revolutionizing the way organizations approach marketing today.

Dan is a thought-provoking and motivating speaker, presenting not only on Attraction Marketing, but also on other key topics such as high-level advertising strategies, emerging technologies and consumer behavior, and more. He is also an avid reader – and is continuously keeping up with the latest industry trends. Dan continues his growth as an educator, and a student, with ongoing training through affiliations like Vistage and Dale Carnegie Training, which allow him to strengthen his understanding of how sales and marketing work together to drive success in today’s economy.