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Using Attraction to Draw Prospects to You

Attraction Marketing is the process of making your company, its products, services and culture more attractive to prospects by driving specific marketing initiatives with the people you already employ. In short, it means improving your attractiveness to your prospects and to the marketplace.

Brought on by changes due to the economic downturn, the innovative concept of Attraction Marketing addresses a series of measurable strategies that any company can initiate, simply by utilizing the talents you already have available: your internal teams at all levels. No matter what your size or business area, you can increase your attractiveness to prospects using your own people to move these strategies forward.


Attraction Marketing is about getting the train moving and keeping it moving. Creating a stronger presence for yourself so you are more likely to connect with your potential prospects.


The Thinking Behind Attraction Marketing

No matter what your industry, your business' size, or your long-term goals, first and foremost, marketing is about people. Creating a one-on-one connection with your customers or potential prospects is always the first step toward completing a sale. But in today's new economy, how do you get your business to stand out? Increasing your spending may not be an option with tightening margins and flat or lower sales. So what else can you do to get prospects to notice you?

In a good/thriving economy, companies often take sales for granted, and forget the importance of integration between marketing and sales efforts. Today, the reality is that marketing needs to be present to support your sales team in order to achieve desired results. And more and more companies are looking for things that they can do themselves – internally – to improve their marketing results. Leadership always wants accountability – especially when budgets are tight.

All of these issues led Dan Gartlan to develop the Attraction Marketing program, and a series of strategies that companies can implement with their teams to build their business on their own. Any company. Any size. Any industry. You can make a difference by instilling the concepts of the Attraction Marketing program.

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• Attraction Marketing will put you out there for all to see
• Draw prospects in that have an interest in learning about what you know
• Customers come to you – it's like getting unlimited third party referrals
• Gain exposure beyond your marketing budget
• Develop your staff and improve morale

The Concept Of "Make Or Break": The One Thing That Must Be
Done Extraordinarily Well To Achieve Your Vision

Every organization needs to set a clear objective – their vision – and work toward achieving it. Tracking progress and success is critical to know what is working and what is not. Setting measurable goals, monitoring future indicators and assessing results through real-time dashboards helps you adjust as necessary as you go along.


The key to the "Make Or Break" is to channel your energy into what is going to get you further.


Additionally, another key issue of Attraction Marketing is the process of The Marketing March – learning how to manage your program and move the initiative forward, using data as your guide.